Three ways to cut your EC2 costs with Hands-on Labs

Moving to the cloud offers businesses many advantages over managing their own infrastructure. Cost savings is the primary benefit for companies that make the leap to the cloud. However, there are still many opportunities for cutting costs even after the initial migration. If unchecked, these missed opportunities could silently be costing your business money that..

Which AWS Compute service do I need?

With the ever increasing and expanding service catalog being developed by the engineers at AWS, it’s easy to get confused when it comes to understanding which AWS Compute service you need and which service you should be using for your deployments. Which service offers me the quickest deployment?” or “Which service offers the best managed solution?”or..

Kubernetes Operations with Kops

Today, we’ll be building on our recent coverage of the Kubernetes Ecosystem to talk more in depth about Kops. This post is a complement to our Kubernetes webinar earlier this year and follows previous posts that cover deploying applications with Helm and creating and maintaining Kubernetes clusters with Kops. Let’s begin by addressing a basic question: What is..