What is Amazon Athena? The new game changer for big data

What is Amazon Athena: a complete overview

What is Amazon Athena: the 2016 edition of AWS re:Invent was an exciting week of announcements from Andy Jassy and Werner Vogels on pricing reductions, killer features, and plenty of new services. The Cloud Academy team tried to catch […]

46 Big Data Terms Defined

Big Data

Organizations must deal with the collection and storage of continuously-growing data, and then harvest it to capture value. “Big Data,” as its called, concerns itself with these complex processes. The following list contains 46 key Big […]

Harnessing the Power of Big Data Analysis on AWS

big data puzzle

Like a jigsaw puzzle, there are many components in the AWS big data ecosystem. Read this article and see how the components fit together to form a beautiful whole. If you are a data engineer, wouldn’t it […]

How to Deploy Apache Storm on AWS with Storm-Deploy

Apache Storm - Kafka

The growing pressures of dealing with data at massive scale require purpose-built solutions. Meet Apache Storm and Apache Kafka. In our hyper-connected world, countless sources generate real-time information 24 hours per day. Rich streams of data […]

Google Cloud Certification: Preparation and prerequisites

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has training and there are smart ways of preparing for the Google Cloud Certification Exams You might have read the recent news about Spotify building their new event delivery system on Google […]