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Azure App Service in action

Azure App Service in action

In the real world, there are generally two possibilities for hosting your web applications or APIs in the cloud. You can follow the classic model and deploy your apps on a virtual machine, or you […]

Getting started with Azure: from newbie to expert

Get started with Azure: from newbie to expert

Getting started with Azure: In my last post, I talked about my strategies for becoming familiar with the AWS cloud, from beginner, all the way to certification. In this post, we’ll focus on another of […]

Explore the new and its new features

New Cloud Academy features

Here at Cloud Academy, we’re working to create lots of great materials to provide you with everything you need to know about Cloud Technologies. We didn’t stop at content. We also we wanted you to be […]

What is .NET Core? Birth of the .NET Framework

What is .NET Core? Birth of the .NET Framework

What is .NET Core? Released in 2001, the .NET framework made it easier for developers to create applications on the internet. However, the need for faster and more simple deployment (among others) drove the need […]

What’s next for Hands-on Labs at Cloud Academy

It’s a pleasure for me to come back to our blog while I am traveling to the most important Cloud Computing conference in the world. There will be about 25,000 people at re:Invent in Las […]

New Course: Introduction to Docker

Docker has become a mainstay in the DevOps world, and Cloud Academy has released a new course called Introduction to Docker in order to gently introduce you to this incredible technology. We’re very excited to […]