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Cloud Academy is an enterprise-ready training platform that accelerates teams and digital transformation.


Continuous training trusted to transform.

Leverage our multi-cloud training library to move faster.

Skills are built when knowledge, experience, and context intersect. Our vendor neutral training catalog is developed and maintained by experts on AWS, Azure, GCP, CI/CD, containers, security, IoT, data science, machine learning, big data, and beyond.Learn more arrow_forward

Multi-cloud training
Train your teams at scale

Simulate your stack to train at scale, securely and effortlessly.

Cloud Academy Hands-on Labs are instant, safe, secure, actual sandboxes on AWS and Azure for teams to apply learnings, experiment, and innovate. Our unique Bridge functionality ensures that labs work behind your corporate firewall and comply with security policies. Hands-on Labs are 100% managed by Cloud Academy. That means no set up, no cleanup, no waiting for a sandbox, and no additional costs.Learn more arrow_forward

Our users learn by doing. Our machine learning algorithms do too.

Cloud Academy’s adaptive assessment technology ensures each individual at your organization starts learning in the right place. Our platform recommends learning paths based on role, technology, and aptitude. Users then apply knowledge hands-on in live AWS and Azure consoles. 100% guided and managed by Cloud Academy.Learn more arrow_forward

Learn by doing

Go beyond managing clouds. Make the multi-cloud strategic.

Enterprise digital teams are seeking ways to maximize return on their investments in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Cloud Academy unlocks multi-cloud superpowers.

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Enterprise trasformation

Orchestrate enterprise transformation with confidence.

Cloud Academy enables staff to contribute meaningfully in complex, public cloud environments. It’s built for managers to effortlessly give the technology and business context that teams need to operate in a cloud‑first environment — full‑throttle, out of the gate. Up and down your stack.Learn more arrow_forward

Explore Technology

Skill Assessment

Identify strengths and address skill gaps. No more guesswork about where your teams stand.


Hands-on Labs

Safe, secure, and live. Train in actual public cloud consoles. No setup or cleanup required.


Content Engine™

Customize Cloud Academy to give context. Integrate and manage custom training material.


Learning Paths

Self-paced, proven to build deep technical skills. Videos, Study Sessions, and Hands-on Labs.


Management Dashboard

Manage training cycles from unified dashboards. Built to deploy organization‑wide, at scale.



Give teams the ability to learn the cloud from anywhere. On iOS, Android, even offline.

“The Cloud Academy platform is great. Quizzes and prep courses give a thorough understanding of the material.”

Aaron Newman — Founder, CEO

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