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Turner Success Story

Learn how Turner leadership broadcast a direction in cloud and deployed a comprehensive skill development program leveraging the Cloud Academy platform.

Leverage our multi-cloud training library to move faster.

Skills are built when knowledge, experience, and context intersect. Our vendor neutral training catalog is developed and maintained by experts on AWS, Azure, GCP, CI/CD, containers, security, IoT, data science, machine learning, big data, and beyond.

Cloud Academy Library

Simulate your stack to train at scale, securely and effortlessly.

Cloud Academy Hands-on Labs are instant, safe, secure, actual sandboxes on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform for teams to apply learnings, experiment, and innovate. Our unique Bridge functionality ensures that labs work behind your corporate firewall and comply with security policies. Hands-on Labs are 100% managed by Cloud Academy. That means no set up, no cleanup, no waiting for a sandbox, and no additional costs.

Cloud Academy Hands-on Labs

Our users learn by doing. Our machine learning algorithms do too.

Cloud Academy’s adaptive assessment technology ensures each individual at your organization starts learning in the right place. Our platform recommends learning paths based on role, technology, and aptitude. Users then apply knowledge hands-on in live AWS and Azure consoles. 100% guided and managed by Cloud Academy.

Cloud Academy Skills Profile

Orchestrate enterprise transformation with confidence.

Cloud Academy enables staff to contribute meaningfully in complex, public cloud environments. It’s built for managers to effortlessly give the technology and business context that teams need to operate in a cloud‑first environment — full throttle, out of the gate. Up and down your stack.

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What Teams are Saying

The combination of Quizzes, Hands-on Labs, and video sessions really provide a great learning experience!

Senior Technical Analyst at Leading Financial Services Firm

I am very much impressed with the training sessions and content covered. These sessions would act as big foundation for anyone who choose to enter into the cloud world. Thank you Cloud Academy!

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator at Multinational IT Services Firm

Quality of the video content is good. Follow-up quizzes and labs are relevant and helpful.

Employee at American Cable News Conglomerate

Great content, variety, and user experience

Solutions Architect at World's Largest Public Cloud Provider

To gain hands on experience and knowledge, definitively Cloud Academy.

Solutions Architect at World's Largest Public Cloud Provider

I’m able to study for my AWS certifications in my spare time. I commit just a few hours of my evening to training everyday and have just completed my first certification, with plans for another.

Architect at Cloud Consultancy

The courses have always been relevant and packed with the info I need to stay current.

Infrastructure Architect at Leading Regional Consulting Firm

The courses are very easy to navigate. Makes learning fun!

Cloud Developer, IT at Leading Global Beverage Distributor

Cloud Academy is easy to work with and contains good content along with practical Hands-on Labs

Cloud Architect, Leading Life Sciences Firm

What Managers are Saying

I like how Cloud Academy has designed its platform to demonstrate just how broad the security engineer skill set is.

Director of Information Security at Global Gaming Company

The deployment of Training Plans enabled us to create this shared responsibility model with our employees.

Vice President Information Technology at Healthcare Provider

Cloud Academy has great content and an equally matched feature set for managing training.

Sr. Director, Global Infrastructure at Leading Media Advertising Organization

As a consultant I frequently find myself recommending services to clients / colleagues, and I have (and will continue) to recommend Cloud Academy as the best all-around online Cloud Training site. Good work...keep it up!

Solutions Architect at IT Consultancy

We got it right by selecting Cloud Academy for an area where we needed to gain competitive advantage and the platform supported our business strategy.

Director of Technical Skills & Assessment at International Media Company

It was clear that Cloud Academy had the competitive advantage to serve the learning needs of our employees. If you’re going to train, then you have to own training.

Director of Technical Skills & Assessment at International Media Company

The Cloud Academy interface was the most comprehensive out of all the platforms we reviewed. The courses were in-depth and I liked that there was a connection between curriculum and real-world application with Hands-on Labs and Exams.

Technology Leader at Cloud Consultancy

Cloud Academy has been very informative and has given me a deeper understanding of AWS that I need to run my teams and be successful.

Technology Leader at Leading Regional Consulting Firm

We’re moving beyond the basics of our innovation capabilities and doing things that were unavailable before when we were on-premises including leveraging containers and large-scale data processing.

VP Cloud Infrastructure at Large Media Company

“The Cloud Academy platform is great. Quizzes and prep courses give a thorough understanding of the material.“

Aaron Newman — Founder, CEO

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