Work smarter with AI. Delight your customers.

75% of businesses lack the talent needed to bring AI into their supply chains. By leveraging AI, you can unlock insights you never knew existed and optimize every step of your supply chain. Whether it’s admin or analytics, AI can free your people up to focus on creating value for your customers.  

Enable transformational change in your organisation with specialised, self-serve AI training from Cloud Academy. 

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Can’t find in-depth industry knowledge?

Practical training to deliver fast impact

Create an AI culture and empower your entire workforce with training that spans departments and business functions. Understand your customer data, forecast pinch-points in your supply chain, deploy resource effectively and eliminate manual processes.  

To get there, you need Cloud Academy. Your teams can immerse themselves in over 1,000 labs and hours of videos, quizzes, and exams, written by battle-proven industry experts, in practical scenarios that mirror real-world challenges.    

Data models. Ethics. Compliance. Chatbots. Predictive analytics.  

Discover our learning pathways and become an AI-mature organisation.

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Cloud Academy

Why choose Cloud Academy?

Our pathways cover a broad range of both topics and tech vendors, ensuring that you not only have the right skills, but that you can use them in the right context.    

Explore our pathways, which cover topics as varied as:

1) Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning.

2) Forecasting business outcomes with Amazon Forecast.

3) Machine Learning Algorithms.

4) Designing and implementing a Microsoft Azure AI solution.

5) CSSLP: Secure Software Supply Chain.

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