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AI training that empowers your tech teams

Only 1 in 10 global workers possess in-demand AI skills. Now is your opportunity to seize a competitive advantage and empower your teams with the AI skills needed to become more efficient, more automated and more data-driven.

Enable transformational change in your organization with specialised, self-serve AI training from Cloud Academy.

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Can’t find in-depth industry knowledge?

The AI revolution needs a skills revolution

Many organizations are undoubtedly “AI-positive”. However, your competitors are quietly becoming “AI-mature” and building the AI knowledge needed to enable transformational change.

To get the most out of AI, you need to go beyond thinking about AI projects. You need to create an AI culture that spans departments and empowers your tech teams to learn while doing.

That’s where we come in. With Cloud Academy, your teams can immerse themselves in over 1,000 labs and hours of videos, quizzes, and exams, written by battle-proven industry experts, in practical scenarios that mirror real-world challenges.

Ethics. Compliance. Generative AI. Blockchain. Data models. Reporting.

Discover our learning pathways and become an AI-mature organization.

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Cloud Academy

Why choose Cloud Academy?

Our pathways cover a broad range of both topics and tech vendors, ensuring that you not only have the right skills, but that you can use them in the right context.

Become a data-mature organization with training courses such as:

1) Machine Learning – Training Custom Models.

2) Intro to Generative AI.

3) Managing Regulatory Compliance in Microsoft 365.

4) Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Deep Dive.

5) AWS Services Monitoring & Auditing.

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