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With the ever increasing threats of attacks against the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your data within your organization, the need to ensure strict security procedures and processes is paramount and learn how to use Amazon Inspector is key.

AWS offers a wide range of security services to help you achieve the level of security that you need to enforce within your environment, and the Amazon Inspector service is just one of those that can help.

This service is used to help you find security vulnerabilities within your EC2 instances and any applications running on them, during any stage of development and deployment.

With its ability to automatically detect known and common security issues across a range of rules of compliance, Amazon Inspector can also provide details on how to remediate these potential weaknesses in your infrastructure. This makes the service a key asset within your security tool set.

This course looks at what the service is and does, and how it does it by going into detail of all components involved. Demonstrations will also be provided in its configuration.

Lectures included:

- What is Amazon Inspector?: This lecture explains at a high level what Amazon Inspector is and why you may want to use it

- Components of Amazon Inspector: This lecture defines the main components of the service and how these fit together

- Demonstration: How to Configure Amazon Inspector: This demonstration shows how to get started and how to configure the service

- Demonstration: Working with findings: This lecture demonstrates how to view the different Amazon Inspector findings following an assessment

- Integration with CloudWatch & CloudTrail: This lecture explains how Amazon Inspector can be monitored with CloudWatch and CloudTrail

- Service Limitations and Costs: This lecture explains the limitations of the service in addition to how costings are calculated

- Summary: This lecture summarizes points learned from the previous lectures within the course

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