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About This Course:

Trusted Advisor is an AWS support tool which assists with cost reduction, performance optimization, and security improvements. Trusted Advisor provides recommendations which are based on historical criteria from hundreds of thousands of servers throughout AWS infrastructure. This course will provide a good foundation to assist you with utilizing Trusted Advisor as a tool to better manage your overall AWS environment.

This course is geared for anyone currently or looking to host their infrastructure in the AWS Cloud infrastructure. This includes business individuals, developers, and operations.
Viewers will gain the greatest benefit from this course if they have some familiarity with AWS but, it’s not required.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the purpose and benefits of Trusted Advisor
Learn how to configure and manage Trusted Advisor Console
Learn how to take actionable steps with Trusted Advisor to improve your AWS infrastructure


Introduction: A brief introduction to the course and an overview of what Trusted Advisor is and what it does.

Using Trusted Advisor: In this section you'll learn about security groups, Identity Management checks, Multi-Factor Authorization on root accounts, and the service limits in Trusted Advisor.

Dashboard Demo: in this set of lessons you'll take a tour of the Trusted Advisor dashboard, including how to control access to Trusted Advisor

Cloudwatch: In this last set of lessons you'll take part in a demo; configuring a Cloudwatch event rule on Trusted Advisor.

Conclusion: In the end we'll wrap it all up for you and look back on what you have learned.

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