AWS Config: An Introduction

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With the ever-changing nature of Cloud Computing in AWS, through the use of Auto Scaling, and self-healing architecture mechanisms, having visibility and awareness of your AWS resources is invaluable. It can be difficult to understand what your resources within your infrastructure looks like, for example:

• Understanding what resources you have

• Having an awareness of the status of resource configurations

• Knowledge of resource relationships and connectivity within your environment

• Having a clear resource history, including all previous changes

• Understanding if your resources are compliant with specific governance controls

• Having up to date and accurate auditing information that can be passed to external auditors


Depending on the size of your deployment within AWS, obtaining this information can become both a time and resource intensive exercise, unless you use AWS Config.


This course is an introduction to AWS Config and will explain how AWS Config allows you have visibility of your entire AWS infrastructure from a configuration perspective.  As well as how to use the service to act as a resource inventory, compliance checker and manage configuration changes of your resources. Also discussed, we look at how AWS Config be used as a part of your security analysis procedure.


This course is designed to take you from a beginner of AWS Config to being able to implement the service within your environment.


The topics covered within this course are as follows:

• What is AWS Config? Within this lecture, you will understand exactly what the Service is and what function it provides

• Key Components: This lecture breaks down the service looking at all the components and their relationships to each other and the role they play as a part of the AWS Config service

• Service Integration: This lecture will look at how the AWS Config service integrates with other AWS Services, such as SNS, S3, CloudTrail etc

• Managing compliance with AWS Config: Here we focus on how to maintain compliance using AWS Config, whether these be internal or external requirements or standards

• Use cases and Best Practices: This lecture will focus on some of the use cases of when is best to use AWS Config to help you maintain, support and operate your AWS environment


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