Introduction to the AWS Database Migration Service

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The purpose of this course is to enable us to recognize and explain what the AWS Database Migration Service is and how the AWS Database Migration Service can be used to migrate data from one database to another. This course will also enable us to recognize and explain the AWS Database Schema Conversion Tool which can be used to migrate a database structure or schema.

Once we have a basic understanding of these two services and what they provide, we will learn to recognize and explain when to use the AWS Database Migration Service and to recognize common use cases where the AWS Database Migration Service may be applicable for database migrations. We will also learn to recognize and implement best practices when using the AWS Database Migration Service so we gain the most value from using the AWS Database Migration Service.

Suggested pre-requisites for this course:

A basic understanding of cloud computing.

A basic understanding of AWS relational database services.

To run the AWS Database Migration Service you will need an active AWS Account.

Dec 20, 2016 - The AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) has even tighter integration with AWS Database Migration Service. Once SCT has converted your database schema, for supported DMS source/target combinations, SCT can now create the appropriate endpoints in DMS. With the endpoints created, SCT then offers the ability generate the migration tasks necessary to move the data for the converted schema in DMS. The migration tasks can be monitored from SCT and re-run as required. This integration offers database engineers a convenient workspace to handle a migration from end-to-end.


AWS = Amazon Web Services - Computing services provided on a pay as you go model accessed over the Internet
Database - a collection of objects organised in a managed structure.
AWS RDS = Relational database services managed by AWS accessed as a service
SQL - Structured query language
NoSQL - Not only structured query language
Homogeneous migration - from the one database to another database of the same engine
Heterogeneous migration - from one type of database engine to another database engine




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