Create scheduled tasks with AWS Lambda


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How to schedule periodic tasks with AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda allows you to implement and deploy small computing units by delivering simple functions. Scheduled tasks, similar to Linux cron jobs, are a perfect fit for this computing model.

Indeed, you can configure AWS Lambda to be invoked periodically via Amazon CloudWatch Events.

This approach is particularly useful when your code has very few dependencies, and you simply need to execute it on a periodic basis. For example, remove temporary files every minute or archive logs every hour.

We will see how to setup AWS Lambda and CloudWatch events to monitor a web page every minute, and how to monitor your Lambda Function invocations from CloudWatch itself.


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Logging in to the Amazon Web Services Console

Your first step to start the Lab experience

Scheduled tasks use cases

When do you need scheduled tasks and how can Lambda help?

Create a Lambda Function with a CloudWatch trigger

How do you bind a new Function to a CloudWatch event?

Implement Scheduled Function logic

AWS Lambda implementation of a website monitoring task.

Monitor Lambda periodic executions

Learn how to monitor your Lambda Function with CloudWatch logs.

Clean up the Lambda Function

Delete the Lambda Function from the Console.