Introduction to CodeCommit


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AWS CodeCommit is a fully-managed source control service that makes it easy for companies to host secure and highly-scalable private Git repositories. CodeCommit eliminates the need to operate your own source control system or worry about scaling its infrastructure. You can use CodeCommit to securely store anything from source code to binaries, and it works seamlessly with your existing Git tools.

In this Lab, you will go through the basic usage of this service and how to connect to and manage repositories.



This is a beginner level Lab, however, in order to follow the next steps you should have:

  • Git properly installed and configured
  • Familiarity with Git

Learning Objectives:

In the end of this Lab, you should be able to:

  • Create a repository
  • Connect to a repository
  • Send files to a repository

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Follow these steps to learn by building helpful cloud resources

Logging in to the Amazon Web Services Console

Your first step to start the Lab experience

Create a repository

This step will guide you through the process of creating a repository on the CodeCommit service.

Connect to your repository (Unix)

This step will guide you through the process of connecting to a CodeCommit repository using SSH. The following instructions will work on Linux, OSX or Unix.

Connect to your repository (Windows)

This step will cover how to connect to a CodeCommit repository using Windows.

Send files to your repository

In this step, you will send files to the repository you created.