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Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL fully managed database in the cloud designed to scale to millions of queries.


Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL Database in the cloud designed for businesses and companies that need a reliable and fully managed NoSQL solution. DynamoDB is designed to provide automated storage scaling to grow your database and a redundant solution to have your data always available; as a NoSQL database solution it is particularly useful when your application needs to quickly (DynamoDB runs on SSD disks) and reliably (Amazon works with replicas of you database in three different Availability Zone) read and store millions of data points . 

Amazon DynamoDB is a managed service, you just need to create the database and your data structure, and Amazon takes care of everything else. Cloud Academy has rich content to help you learn to use Amazon DynamoDB and how to integrate it in your application. We've got more than 200 quiz questions to teach you how, in many cases, DynamoDB can be the best solution. 

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