AWS Summit Chicago Lab Challenge

Take the Amazon VPC High-Availability Lab Challenge. Earn cool swag.

Get recognized for achieving AWS VPC superhero status in Chicago

Take the challenge

Prove your chops in the AWS Summit Chicago Lab Challenge. Follow AWS VPC best practices and make all the checks pass before time runs out.

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Share the results of your session wherever you do social media. This is a tough Lab Challenge, so show everyone what you’ve got.

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Come by Cloud Academy booth 716 at McCormick Place on May 30. Show your Lab Challenge post/tweet/etc. and get our coolest gadgets.

How does the challenge work?

You do not need a paid Cloud Academy account to take this Lab Challenge.

This Lab Challenge will push you to the next level. It is an advanced-level environment where full and complete instructions are not included. This means you will have to demonstrate your problem-solving skills on AWS. You can check the status of your work by running checks that inspect the state of your Lab environment.

In case you need guidance before attempting the real challenge, you can find the link to a guided version of the Lab at the bottom of the Lab Challenge page.

The scenario

Your infrastructure team is working on a VPC CloudFormation template that your organization can reuse for different applications. They provided a diagram illustrating the high-level design for the VPC. Its design should follow best practices and provide high availability for applications deployed in multiple availability zones. The VPC must allow such applications to withstand an entire availability zone outage.

Amazon VPC Lab Challenge