Introduction to Microsoft Azure

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Course Description:

Microsoft Azure is a collection of services that enables individuals and organizations to create, deploy, and operate cloud-based applications and infrastructure services. In this course, we’ll give a brief overview of the various services on Azure, including compute, networking, storage, data and analytics services, explaining who they are and how they work together on Azure. We'll also show you the best pathway to get certified on Microsoft Azure.

Intended audience:

  • Microsoft solutions business managers
  • DevOps Engineer Solutions Architects new to Azure Cloud

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain some important concepts of Microsoft Azure services
  • Discuss various Azure Services to help enterprises start new projects or migrate existing projects to Azure Cloud
  • Explain the basics of pricing for Azure services discussed in this course Describe the Azure certifications and Azure preparation resources

This Course Includes:

  • 45 minutes of high-definition video

What You'll Learn:

  • Course Intro: What to expect from this course
  • Azure Overview: A basic description of Azure, its services, portals, and deployment methods.
  • Azure Compute: In this lesson we’ll discuss IaaS vs. PaaS and Serverless Computing.
  • Azure Networking: In this lesson we’ll go over the variety of networking components.
  • Azure Storage: In this lesson you’ll learn about the storage options.
  • Data and Analytics Service: In this lesson we’ll discuss DBaaS, NoSQL, and more.
  • Backup Services and Disaster Recovery: In this lesson we’ll learn about the backup and data recovery services and their cost.
  • Azure Tools: In this lesson we’ll go over CLI, Powershell, and Visual Studio.
  • Azure Certification: All you need to know about getting certified.
  • Summary: A wrap-up and summary of what we’ve learned in this course.

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