Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect: What to Study, Tips and Resources

UPDATE August 2016: Cloud Academy recently published a complete and updated learning path with 19 hours of content, 7 video courses, 300+ questions and explanations and 15 hands-on-labs to prepare for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate level. We usually update our AWS Certifications paths every month or two months to reflect changes and new products now..

Why Amazon Web Services will fail and you should prevent it

This is the second part of our article: Amazon Web Service: 3 fundamental points from an AWS early adopter.Klaus Conrad is an experienced manager that started using Amazon AWS years ago. In this last article will see a Amazon Web Services will fail I actually changed the title for this point from ‘can’ to ‘will’..

AWS certification practice exam: 3 Top tips for you

Starting out with AWS can be a daunting task. Amazon has done a great job of documenting and presenting systems and services in a clear and concise manner, but when you try to apply those concepts to your specific infrastructure or use case things might not always simply click into place. Understanding the benefits of..

Some updates on is live since October 2012, so far we have just focused our efforts on building great content for Amazon Web Services, but as you can see in our homepage we already have a plan for many more platforms: Rackspace, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure. What happened in the last 5 months? We’ve been creating a bunch..

What is Cloud Academy?

You know what, you spend like five months building an online product, like Cloud Academy and then you realize that you never wrote down a post saying what is Cloud Academy! Funny! I guess that now it’s time to fill this info and try to explain to our users what we are really building these..

The 15 biggest mistakes made with Amazon Web Services

Well, well, well… While we’re busy building a great startup, the nice folks at Newvem wrote a blog post on “the 10 biggest mistakes” made with Amazon Web Services. We think it’s a good list, but somehow seems a little too “simple”. This is OUR list instead. The 15 biggest mistakes made with Amazon Web..