Bluemix OpenWhisk: IBM’s Function as a Service

OpenWhisk is the first OSS Serverless platform IBM announced OpenWhisk as an experimental event-driven compute platform earlier this year. As one of the latest FaaS solutions on the market, it offers some unique functionalities worth exploring. The project is completely open-source, and you can deploy it on any infrastructure, and always on the IBM Bluemix platform.    ..

Austin Collins on the Serverless Framework

How Aims to Become the Best Open-Source Project of this Decade During our last webinar Introduction to the Serverless Paradigm, we discussed the advantages and limitations of serverless computing, focusing on microservices principles, AWS Lambda best practices, organizational patterns, and more. In case you missed it, you may want to watch the recording and let us..

ServerlessConf: A Brief Recap of the Latest Serverless News

What makes serverless a trending technology and why did we meet last week in NYC to discuss its future? We proudly attended the first Serverless Conference ever on May 26-27th 2016, in Brooklyn. Personally, it’s been a highly educational experience, and it was great to meet so many skilled and passionate developers and engineers. I believe..

Google Vision API: Image Analysis as a Service

Build powerful applications that see and understand the content of images with the Google Vision API The Google Vision API was released last month, on December 2nd 2015, and it’s still in limited preview. You can request access to this limited preview program here and you should receive a very quick email follow-up. I recently..

AWS Lambda and the Serverless Cloud

AWS Lambda evolution and re:Invent 2015 news Tim Wagner – general manager of AWS Lambda and AWS IoT at AWS – talked about how AWS Lambda – and the serverless cloud it spawned – have evolved since the service’s 2014 launch. What AWS Lambda is and how it’s been evolving First of all, AWS Lambda..

Scaling massive content with Alfresco and Amazon Aurora

How Alfresco scaled to billions of documents on AWS John Newton – Founder and, since 2005, CTO at Alfresco – used his AWS re:Invent presentation to talk about how Alfresco has been scaling to billions of documents and building apps capable of accessing that huge amount of content…all while moving from large data centers to cost-effective management..

AWS re:Invent 2015: Designing for SaaS

Next-Generation Software Delivery Models on AWS Software delivery has been evolving. Not too many years ago most software lived on-premise. Then came the web-hosted app, and then robust Cloud solutions like those provided by various combinations of AWS services. At this week’s re:Invent, Sajee Mathew – Solutions Architect at AWS – talked about the best approach..