Learn AWS Lambda with our new course

Learn AWS Lambda with this CloudAcademy course Do you know Event-Driven Programming? It’s a common programming paradigm in which the flow of the program is determined by external events that trigger predefined actions. If you have ever written Graphical User Interfaces for Desktop Applications you are probably well-aware of the concepts behind it, given that most..

AWS Solutions Architect course part #2 is now available

The CloudAcademy AWS Solutions Architect course for the Associate Level certification is really hitting it big. In just a week or so after we launched the first part, more than 200 people already watched it to prep for the AWS certification, and I got some enthusiastic emails from people showing their appreciation for the great..

The new CloudAcademy Labs: learn Cloud by doing

Labs are one of the most interesting features of our platform. They are the pillar of the “Do” section of CloudAcademy, and they are meant to give you the opportunity to learn how to do real things on real cloud resources. Because the best way to learn something is to practice, isn’t it? And as a..

Get ready for AWS certifications

One of the most awaited courses landed just a few days ago on CloudAcademy.com, that is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Level Certification course, the first of a 3-parts course to get ready for AWS certifications. Providing such an important course is a major step for our platform, and I’m really happy that we finally..

The first Microsoft Azure Course lands on Cloud Academy!

Adding new content for a new provider is a special thing, and when it is an important one like Microsoft, the feeling is even more special as we are launching our first Azure Course ever. Microsoft  is one of the top cloud providers, and thanks to the tight integration with its Operating System and the development..

Getting Started with Docker: how to use it on the Cloud

Containers, and in particular Docker based ones are the Big Thing everybody talks about and works with these days, and in fact we frequently get questions about getting started with Docker. Many people and companies really take it to the max and try to do everything in them including tasks which in the past you..

Announcing the CloudAcademy Community

It’s a really important day for CloudAcademy today, as we are announcing the public availability of our new Community. We have been working hard in the past weeks to craft this new area of our platform, an area that nicely fits the three main sections of CloudAcademy: Learn, Test and Do. Now you have a forum where..

A new course to learn ELB

I’m quite pleased to see one more course about the basic services of AWS, specifically a new one to learn ELB. Many of you beloved members of CloudAcademy are still in the early phase of learning AWS, and we are getting good feedback about our growing library of beginner courses that help you understand the..