SQL Injection Lab: Think Like a Hacker

Security is IT’s top spending priority according to the 2017/2018 Computer Economics IT Spending & Staffing Benchmarks report*. Given the frequent changes and updates in vendor platforms, the pressure is on for IT teams who need to keep their infrastructures and data secure. As breaches and attacks become more sophisticated, teams will need to get..

Mesosphere to Incorporate Kubernetes into DC/OS

The announcement that Mesosphere is going to incorporate Kubernetes into DC/OS has generated a fair amount of buzz in the industry, with the consensus landing largely on the side that this is a sign that Mesosphere is ceding to Google’s open source software. I have a different perspective – namely, that this move is a..

How to set up a web application hacking lab

To learn something well requires practice, and ethical hacking is no exception. Unlike say, practicing the trumpet, practicing hacking has potential legal implications. This means that if you want to practice hacking, you need an environment. In this article, I’ll show you how to set up a basic web application hacking lab, and I’ll give..

Google Cloud Services for the AWS expert

Google Cloud services: most cloud platforms have similar concepts. They tend to abstract the concept of data centers, so we as cloud consumers only need to think about them in terms of a “zone.” If you’re already familiar with AWS, then most of the concepts will be the same on the Google Cloud services; they..

Introduction to DevOps: Beginner’s Guide

DevOps might be the most exciting trend in computing because it isn’t really a trend. In this post, I explore What DevOps is and why acquiring a basic understanding of its tenets is critical for advancing in today’s IT environment. Read along and we’ll explore: Quantification Collaboration Automation Continuous customer satisfaction is the goal of implementing..