How to Deploy Apache Storm on AWS with Storm-Deploy

The growing pressures of dealing with data at massive scale require purpose-built solutions. Meet Apache Storm and Apache Kafka. In our hyper-connected world, countless sources generate real-time information 24 hours per day. Rich streams of data pour in from logs, Twitter trends, financial transactions, factory floors, click streams, and much more, and developing the ability to properly..

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Amazon Kinesis Firehose

Amazon Kinesis Firehose makes it easy to load streaming data into AWS. Here’s what you need to know. In an earlier blog post, I introduced you to Amazon Kinesis, the real-time streaming data service from Amazon. Now we will discuss the equally-important Amazon Kinesis Firehose service and how you can leverage it to easily load streaming data into..

How to Use Consistency Models for Amazon Web Services

If you’re interested in learning how consistency models on AWS can help you write stable, reliable applications, then this is the article for you. By following a consistency model, your application’s memory will remain consistent and the results of any operations on its memory should be predictable. (Editor’s Note: This is complex material. If you’d like to brush..

HDInsight – Azure’s Hadoop Big Data Service

How can Azure HDInsight solve your big data challenges? Big data refers to large volumes of fast-moving data in any format that haven’t yet been handled by your traditional data processing system. In other words, it refers to data which have Volume, Variety and Velocity (commonly termed as V3 in Big Data circles). Data can..

How to Authenticate Email Addresses with Amazon SES to Improve Deliverability

Let’s explore how Amazon SES, SPF, and DKIM can help you improve deliverability through address authentication. Setting up an email server is the easy part. Maintaining your organization’s reputation isn’t so simple.  Amazon designed its Simple Email Service (SES) for ease of use and maximum reliability. The product development team understands the challenges organizations face in a..

AWS S3 Lifecycle Policies: Simple Storage Service Management

Understanding the complicated policies of ASW S3 makes you a superior candidate and an all-around better person. One of the most popular products from Amazon Web Service (AWS), is Simple Storage Service, popularly abbreviated as S3 . This service provides a durable, highly-available and inexpensive object storage for any kind of object — of any size…

AWS Config: An Introduction and Walkthrough

AWS Config is an easy way to make us all more accurate and productive with very few resources When we work in AWS, we tend to create, delete, and manage resources sporadically. We know that we would be much better off in the long run if we carefully tracked our all of resources. We could..

Elasticsearch vs CloudSearch: AWS cloud search choices

Let’s compare AWS-based cloud tools Elasticsearch vs CloudSearch. While both use proven technologies, Elasticsearch is more popular (and open source), and CloudSearch is fully managed. In part one of this series, we described what search engines are, how they solve the problem of accessing content stretched across large websites, and how Amazon CloudSearch provides a solution..