ownCloud: take full control of your online file storage

ownCloud is a cloud file storage solution that lets you avoid the service disruption, vulnerability, and privacy weaknesses of public hosting services. Between all of the cheap or even free file hosting services available now – like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive – you’d think that there wouldn’t be much of a case to be..

AWS re:Invent 2015: five sessions you mustn’t miss

As we recently wrote, the 2015 edition of AWS’s re:Invent event is going to be huge. There will be far too much going on to expect that you’ll actually see anything more than a representative sampling of everything on offer. So if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket and you want to get as..

AWS Training: make the most of your learning time (and budget)

Which AWS training tools offer the most direct, effective, and educationally sound routes to Cloud Computing administration success? Amazon’s AWS is currently the clear leader of the cloud platform industry pack. That means most public cloud deployments are likely happening using AWS resources. It also means that even experienced system administrators and DevOps teams are..

AWS re:Invent 2015 – a guide to Cloud Computing’s biggest event

Thinking of attending this year’s AWS re:Invent at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas starting on October 6th? Think again: it’s been completely sold out for weeks. AWS’s flagship event attracts thousands more participants each time they run it (the 2014 edition boasted more than 13,000 people, and it looks like they’ll top 18,000 for..

AWS Elastic Beanstalk: a hands-on guide to managing applications

Can AWS Elastic Beanstalk improve your life? Some applications are built with truly great code and should be used and appreciated by as many people as possible. But their developers simply haven’t the time or skills to handle the many complicated networking and security details themselves. It is for just such scenarios that managed deployment..

Updates to Cloud Academy labs: this week at Cloud Academy

Welcome to our weekly review of some of what’s new, interesting, and upcoming at Cloud Academy. Lab updates You talk. Cloud Academy listens. From the very beginning, Cloud Academy’s hands-on labs have been a very popular resource. Being guided through a real-world cloud computing environment without having to worry about breaking anything expensive is a..

Upcoming AWS Events, including security best practices

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the AWS Cloud Computing universe? You’re probably not alone. And you’re definitely not alone! You’re probably not alone in that there are bound to be plenty of other IT professionals whose heads are left spinning by the frequency and size of AWS service introductions and updates…

New AWS Solutions Architect Pro course: this week at Cloud Academy

Welcome to our weekly review of some of what’s new, interesting, and upcoming at Cloud Academy. Now course It’s definitely been worth the wait! The second part of our AWS Solutions Architect Professional level course is now on line and you won’t want to miss it. It’s part of our AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification..

Enterprise Cloud Training by Cloud Academy: Simple Team Administration

Enterprise Cloud Training by Cloud Academy: guide your team through professional cloud skills training without having to quit your day job There’s no shortage of companies – both large and small – eager to provide their teams with professional cloud training, but they could do without the extra headache of administering the process. Of course..

AWS Certified Developer course, Bayes Classifiers: this week at Cloud Academy

Welcome to our weekly review of some of what’s new, interesting, and upcoming at Cloud Academy.Course Another week, another new Cloud Academy course (and Learning Path). We’ve just released a new course from our own Eric Magalhães, this one designed to guide you through your preparations for the AWS Certified Developer (associate level) exam. Because..