Cloud Design Patterns – the final post

We arrive at our last appointment with Cloud Design Patterns. After the first introductory post, we focused on patterns for the AWS cloud, and then Azure patterns. Now we’ll discuss a couple of vendor-non-specific sources of cloud design patterns: Cloud Computing Patterns is basically a marketing channel for pushing this Springer volume. The book itself seems quite useful and is well..

Azure Cloud Design Patterns

Azure Cloud Design Patterns Let’s talk about Cloud Design Patterns. We introduced the topic here, then we discussed how it applies specifically to the AWS cloud here. Now we’ll talk about patterns as they apply to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Microsoft Azure –  being more focused on application development – provides for much more official and detailed Design Patterns than AWS. In fact, they dedicate an..

AWS Cloud Design Patterns

In the previous post of this series we have a seen an introduction to the topic of Cloud Design Patterns. Let’s now discuss Cloud Design Patterns for AWS. They are the Patterns described on the website created and managed by the three Japanese AWS Solution Architect we have seen in the previous post. First things first: let’s see again the definition..

Cloud Design Patterns: how they can help you

A couple years ago I came across the video of a presentation that some young Japanese Solution Architects from AWS hosted at re:Invent 2012. They were presenting architectural solutions in the AWS through a series of Design Patterns. I found it extremely interesting, because I work in the Cloud Computing industry since years, and many of the..

VMware acquires Continuent: what it means for the Cloud World

Continuent is leader in DB Clustering and Replication. I’m subscribed to their newsletter since many years. On October 29, I got an email from Robert Hodges (CEO) and Eero Teerikorpi (Executive Chairman and COO) of Continuent, announcing the acquisition of Continuent by Vmware, quite an astounding news to my eyes. I have had the opportunity to work..