Motorola Solutions and the Cloud: An Interview with Leo Wang

Leo Wang is Senior Director, Head of Cloud Computing at Motorola Solutions. Read on to learn how a large organization makes the move from on-premises resources to the cloud – and the types of technical roles needed to make it happen. Non-technical qualities are equally, if not more, important than technical skills in a successful..

AngelHack: Changing the World One Hackathon at a Time

I recently interviewed Troy Petrunoff who works for the ambitious and visionary organization AngelHack. AngelHack runs a number of projects, but weekend Hackathons remain their signature events. This is a mission-driven organization focusing on diversity in the software industry. According to a recent Taulbee Survey (2013–2014), conducted by the Computing Research Association in North America, only 14.7% of..

Introduction to DevOps: New Course

DevOps makes the world a better place. DevOps is a philosophy of the efficient development, deployment, and operation, of the highest quality software possible. Ben Lambert is a DevOps Engineer and one of our newest instructors. We are excited to introduce you to Ben’s new course Introduction to DevOps. This course represents the beginning of a..

Compute Fundamentals for AWS: Updated Course

Innovation fuels cloud computing. Compute Fundamentals for AWS: Updated, Improved, and Better than Ever Cloud Academy happily announces a major update to a popular course: Compute Fundamentals for AWS. David Robinson originally built this course an introduction to AWS’s cornerstone compute services. It has been reviewed and updated by our team of content professionals. We have..

Interview with Jen Tong

I met Jen Tong at a game developer’s conference in San Francisco.  Jenny is a Developer Advocate on Cloud at Google. In this role, she helps developers build cool stuff on all sorts of platforms. Previously she worked in a wide variety of software roles from robotics at NASA, to developer advocacy for Google Glass…

Earn More Money Working with Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing continues growing and so are skilled tech salaries. What is cloud computing? For the last few years, cloud computing has dominated the IT landscape. The term “cloud computing” is a misnomer in that neither the data you store or access is virtual. It’s all controlled from large server farms in key locations worldwide…

Working with Amazon DynamoDB: New Course

A fantastic new course from an exciting new instructor We proudly announce a new course Working with Amazon DynamoDB from a new instructor, Ryan Park. Ryan has the honor of acting as an AWS Community Hero. AWS describes their Community Heroes as: Mentors and super users. They are creators, writers or speakers who routinely provide high quality and..

AWS Training Update: Cloud Academy Learning Paths

Amazon Web Services has great content for getting started. Cloud Academy takes you to the next level. AWS recently posted an update to their instructor-led training courses. Revised AWS Technical Essentials and Architecting on AWSTraining Update. They are always improving — and so are we. Our approach differs in a few critical ways. We help you..