Customizing Alfresco Deployments

Customizing Alfresco: how to In our last post, we talked about how to install and configure Alfresco on an AWS instance. We also learned how to create a simple site and upload documents. But customizing Alfresco can greatly widen your administration and accessibility options, and take you way beyond simple document sharing. In this post,..

Alfresco on Amazon Web Services: Getting Started

Why install Alfresco on Amazon Web Services? Alfresco is an open source enterprise content management system that allows global organizations to collaborate more effectively across cloud, mobile, hybrid, and on-premise environments. Alfresco on Amazon Web Services allows you to perform document, web, records, and image management and to create collaborative content development environments in the..

Five measures of Google Cloud Platform’s size

Google Cloud Platform is currently one of the industry’s leading cloud computing platforms. Google entered the cloud computing market back in 2008 with Google App Engine – a Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment. Google App Engine was followed by BigQuery, a data analytics service in April, 2012, and Compute Engine, an Infrastructure as a..

Working with WaitCondition on AWS’s CloudFormation

AWS’s WaitCondition can be used with CloudFormation templates to ensure required resources are running. As you may already be aware, AWS CloudFormation is used for infrastructure automation by allowing you to write JSON templates to automatically install, configure, and bootstrap your applications on Amazon EC2 instances. This allows you to replicate your environment or update..

Choosing the right AWS certification for your career

AWS certifications now include a range of cloud architect and developer designations: how to choose the right AWS certification? With the increase in cloud adoption in last few years, the need for cloud certified IT professionals is exploding. With cloud certifications, you can benchmark cloud computing knowledge and skills. It gives confidence to employers that they..

Understanding Nested CloudFormation Stacks

Nested CloudFormation Stack: a guide for developers and system administrators. AWS’s CloudFormation is widely used by developers and system administrators and it’s not hard to see why. CloudFormation helps you to provision your AWS resources in a predictable order, allowing you to easily configure dependencies and run-time parameters. The collection of AWS resources provisioned by..

How to become an AWS Cloud Architect

How to become an AWS Cloud Architect? Here are areas you’ll need to work on. As AWS grows ever stronger and more attractive, more and more companies are migrating their deployments. But there’s a large difference between designing for a physical environment versus a cloud environment. Architecturing for AWS requires a good understanding of AWS..

Building Ansible Playbooks Step-by-Step

Learn to build Ansible playbooks with our guide, one step at a time In our previous posts, we introduced Ansible fundamentals, and dove deeper into Ansible playbooks. Now let’s learn to create an Ansible playbook step by step. Working with a playbook, we’ll go from deploying a simple HTML website to a complete LAMP stack. Deploying Simple HTML Page To deploy..

Going Deeper into Ansible Playbooks

In a previous blogpost, we introduced some basic Ansible fundamentals, installation procedures, and a guide to ad-hoc mode. Ansible can be used in either Ad-Hoc or Playbook mode. As covered in our previous post, ad-hoc mode allows direct management of your hosts by executing single line commands and leveraging Ansible modules. Ad-hoc mode is useful..