AWS Security: Bastion Host, NAT instances and VPC Peering

Effective security requires close control over your data and resources. Bastion hosts, NAT instances, and VPC peering can help you secure your AWS infrastructure. Welcome to part four of my AWS Security overview. In part three, we looked at network security at the subnet level. This time, we’ll look at strategies to avoid unnecessarily exposing..

AWS Shared Responsibility Model: Cloud Security

AWS security best practices begin with the AWS Shared Responsibility Model that dictates which security controls are AWS’s responsibility and which are yours. Updated: September 2017 – Inclusion of additional models Over my next several posts, I’ll be discussing AWS security best practices from different perspectives and covering different AWS services. The overall goal is to..

3 steps to becoming an AWS Security Specialist

Considering the importance of security in everything digital, the role of Security Architect/Specialist is a growing specialization in the cloud industry. If you are looking to further develop your understanding of AWS Security (or maybe you want to become an AWS Security specialist), you may be struggling with where to begin. I’ll admit, given the amount..

Which AWS Compute service do I need?

With the ever increasing and expanding service catalog being developed by the engineers at AWS, it’s easy to get confused when it comes to understanding which AWS Compute service you need and which service you should be using for your deployments. Which service offers me the quickest deployment?” or “Which service offers the best managed solution?”or..

AWS Config: Helping to meet compliance

When I worked in a data center environment in a previous role, our team knew that, at certain times of the year, external auditors would be coming on site to analyze our environment. This could have been for a number of different compliance controls, such as for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)..

Cloud computing impact on business

Cloud computing impact on business: deciding to move your business to the cloud is not the end of the journey, but rather the beginning. While the focus tends to be on the period of migration, the Cloud Computing impact has ripple effects on internal business operations and processes. It’s important not to overlook these ongoing..

S3 Lifecycle Policies, Versioning & Encryption: AWS Security

Implementing Lifecycle Policies and Versioning will minimise data loss. Following on from last week’s look at Security within S3 I want to continue looking at this service. This week I’ll explain how implementing Lifecycle Policies and Versioning can help you minimise data loss. After reading, I hope you’ll better understand ways of retaining and securing your..

Amazon S3 Security: master S3 bucket polices and ACLs

Learn about Bucket Policies and ways of  implementing Access Control Lists (ACLs) to restrict/open your Amazon S3 buckets and objects to the Public and other AWS users. Follow along and learn ways of ensuring the public only access for your S3 Bucket Origin via a valid CloudFront request. Welcome to part 8 of my AWS Security..