What is Amazon Elastic Transcoder?

A Gentle Introduction to Amazon Elastic Transcoder Story time! I once had a project requirement where I was supposed to convert some of the videos taken by CCTV cameras to various images in a thumbnail format. The entire process was supposed to be automated, and because the camera captured videos frequently it was like a..

Unikernels and the Future of Cloud Computing

Editor’s Note At the time of writing, Docker had not yet acquired Unikernel Systems, and it’s remarkable that Vineet more or less predicted this acquisition. You’re going to gain a solid understanding of the context of the container, VM, and unikernel discussion, as well as see why it was only logical that Docker would acquire..

Amazon CloudFront and Content Delivery Systems: An introduction

Amazon CloudFront: A brief introduction to the problem of optimizing web content delivery…and the AWS’s solution. We’re going to learn about Amazon CloudFront and how to make it work for you. First, since CloudFront is a kind of content delivery network (CDN), it’s probably worthwhile spending a bit of time discussing exactly how CDNs work,..

OpenVPN: how secure virtual private networks really work

Because OpenVPN devices are fully managed by the kernel, data transfers are invisible to the network, enhancing security and cross-platform compatibility. I’m not going to talk about configuring OpenVPN in an AWS environment, for that you should read OpenVPN: Connecting VPCs between regions. We will try to go a bit deeper and learn exactly what’s..

Linux Containers with LXC: some best practices

I am going to show you the best ways of using LXC to create Linux containers. You’ll thank me. Hypervisor Virtualization and where Container Virtualization fits: Container virtualization (also known as Operating System Virtualization) is an important player among the many types of virtualization technology currently available. If we look at traditional hypervisor virtualization in..

Managed NAT Gateway: Simplifying Secure AWS Connectivity

Creating and maintaining connectivity for the resources in your private AWS subnets can be tricky and expensive. AWS’ new managed NAT Gateway is a great alternative. Good news for all the folks working in the AWS VPC environment: the managed NAT gateway is here. I have been working in the AWS cloud for a long..

Six Cloud Computing Myths: 6 truths about cloud computing

Cloud computing myths abound: The cloud does everything better. The cloud will eat your application (and money) for lunch and spit it out, etc. In the Cloud Computing world, most services – whether infrastructure, platform, or software – are managed for you. Service providers make sure that the services are as easy to use as..

Scalr Cloud Management: run hybrid cloud infrastructures

The Scalr Cloud Management Platform is useful for running hybrid multi-cloud and single-cloud environments. As the range of cloud providers and services continues to grow, making choices and managing more and more complex infrastructures becomes a big challenge. Balancing business requirements with the technical pressures can sometimes feel impossible. Scalr, alongside other multi-platform orchestration tools..

AWS AMI Virtualization Types: HVM vs PV (Paravirtual VS Hardware VM)

Amazon Machine Images (AWS AMI) offers two types of virtualization: Paravirtual (PV) and Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM).  Each solution offers its own advantages. Today we’re going to talk about an important aspect of Amazon Machine Images that somehow fails to capture our attention. Choosing an AWS AMI virtualization type may not seem critical or relevant..

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) and application security

Amazon’s new AWS WAF web application firewall service is built specifically to protect cloud apps from a whole range of Internet threats. Learn how it works. We all know that web applications are vulnerable to attacks, and that deploying your application from the cloud can theoretically expose it to even greater risk. To help secure..