Two AWS Certification books that were written to help you successfully navigate the AWS Certification path.

If you weren’t already aware, Cloud Academy has published some really useful e-books relating to cloud skills and certifications. Best of all, they cost nothing and they’re just waiting for you to download them. One of them focuses on the cloud computing job market, but I’m going to briefly review the two AWS Certification books that were written to help you successfully navigate the AWS Certification path.

AWS Certification book: A Guide to AWS Certification Exams

If you’re thinking about attempting one of the AWS Certification exams but you’re not sure which one is best for you, you should definitely take some time reading  this guide.

First, it defines in general terms what the exams are all about:

AWS Certifications are offered as a way to help quantify an IT professional’s degree of proficiency managing AWS cloud services. Certification requires taking an exam to assess your level of expertise and skill in particular areas of AWS functionality. AWS partners and customers are asked to re-certify every two years.

Then the book addresses in greater detail some important topics, like:

  • Why you should become AWS Certified.
  • The categories of available AWS Certifications.
  • Prerequisites and scope of AWS’s Certification Exams.
  • Signing up for an exam.
  • Taking an exam.

The book includes some informative tables and graphics – like the one below – to further help you understand the AWS certification ecosystem.

AWS Certification book

In my opinion the most valuable section of this e-book is “How to Prepare for AWS Certification”. Knowing how to effectively and securely use AWS services in your infrastructure is obviously crucial in becoming certified, but you’ve also got to know how to properly prepare yourself for your exam. You will find loads of useful tips on how to do just this.

The guide also includes some samples to give you a sense of the kinds of questions you will face in various levels of AWS Certification Exam. As you would expect, the Professional level questions are more complicated and have a much higher level of detail than the questions at the Associate level.

AWS Certification book: Solutions Architect

If you’ve gone through the Guide to AWS Certification Exams e-book and you have decided that maybe the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Associate is the exam for you, then you’re in luck, because Cloud Academy also has an e-book that focuses exclusively on that cert.

Here’s how the book breaks things down:

  • Introduction
  • Requirements and Structure of the Exam
  • Who this exam is for
  • How to use Cloud Academy to study
  • Suggested Learning Paths
  • Final Tips and Conclusions

Throughout the guide, you will find great tips, like these:

AWS Certification book - tips


AWS Certification book - tip

But where this e-book really pays for itself (although, considering that it’s free, that wouldn’t take much), is in the “How to Use Cloud Academy to Study” chapter. If you are pressed for time in your studying, you may want to concentrate primarily on the most critical topics. The “How to Use…” chapter points you to just the key, must-know services:

AWS Certification book - key

If you’ve still got lots of time to prepare, you’ll also find all kinds of great references to Cloud Academy resources that will help you fill in any relatively minor knowledge gaps. To make finding your way around easier, topics are organized in paths of varying intensity:

AWS Certification book - paths

The first should be adopted by people without much hands­-on AWS experience. The second should be effective for people with more experience with AWS practical applications, but mainly using the console.


If you are thinking of attempting any AWS exam, either now or sometime in the near future, then I would really encourage you to take a look at these e-books. And as you can see from the links below or from the sidebar on this page, they’re both free. So why not?

Download Links:

A Guide to AWS Certification Exams E-Book
AWS Solutions Architect Certification E-Book