New infographic: Cloud computing in 2017

With 83% of businesses ranking cloud skills as critical for digital transformation in 2017, it’s great news for anyone with cloud architecting experience, and for those considering a career in cloud computing. In our new infographic, we compiled some of the latest industry research to look at the world of cloud computing in 2017. The..

9 Great job sites to kick start your career in cloud computing

It’s a great time to be in the cloud computing industry. As established companies move toward cloud technologies, companies expand IT departments, and new companies form, IT professionals with cloud computing skills are in high demand. Computerworld’s 2017 salary survey showed that, compared to all IT professionals, those working in cloud computing were commanding the..

Which AWS Compute service do I need?

With the ever increasing and expanding service catalog being developed by the engineers at AWS, it’s easy to get confused when it comes to understanding which AWS Compute service you need and which service you should be using for your deployments. Which service offers me the quickest deployment?” or “Which service offers the best managed solution?”or..

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Just getting started? Whether you’re looking to become a cloud engineer or you’re a manager wanting to learn more about this industry, learn the basics about cloud computing here. Are you wondering about how cloud computing actually works? I’ll explain the basic principles behind this technology. Cloud computing presents an ever-expanding universe that intimidates even the..

Earn More Money Working with Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing continues growing and so are skilled tech salaries. What is cloud computing? For the last few years, cloud computing has dominated the IT landscape. The term “cloud computing” is a misnomer in that neither the data you store or access is virtual. It’s all controlled from large server farms in key locations worldwide…

Jobs Opportunities in the Growing Cloud Industry: Infographic

Our infographic summarizes the phenomenal opportunities emerging in cloud computing It’s no secret that companies need legions of Engineers, IT Professionals, Developers, Security Experts, Data Scientists, and others to fill an ever-increasing demand. It is hard to overstate the demand for skilled Cloud Professionals There is an immediate need to hire smart people who are..

Join us educating the world about Cloud!

Check out the open positions in San Francisco and Switzerland At Cloud Academy we are on a mission to educate the world about cloud technologies. We create content and technology and mix them together to serve people in 140+ countries with the best and latest skills available in the cloud field. We love helping our..

This week’s Cloud Computing jobs: U.S. opportunities

Cloud Academy is always on the lookout for the most promising Cloud Computing opportunities. Employers: interested in reaching our readers with your job openings? Send us an email. After my article on Cloud Computing Salary: where to get the most for your skills , which included this observation: It won’t be a surprise that many of the highest-paying..