HashiCorp Vault: How to secure secrets inside microservices

Whether you are a developer or a system administrator, you will have to manage the issue of sharing “secrets” or secure information. In this context, a secret is any sensitive information that should be protected. For example, if lost or stolen,  your passwords, database credentials, or cloud provider keys could damage your business. Safe storage and sharing..

How to deploy Docker containers on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Applications

In this post, we are going to look at how to deploy two Docker containers on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Applications.  Today, Docker containers are being used by many companies in sophisticated microservice infrastructures. From a developer point of view, one of the biggest benefits of Docker is its ability to package our code into reusable images. This assures..

What is Kubernetes? An introductory overview

I recently completed part 1 of my webinar series on Kubernetes. The session introduced Kubernetes at a high level with hands-on demos aiming to answer the question ‘what is Kubernetes? You can watch the session here. After polling our audience, we found that most of the webinar attendees had never used Kubernetes before, or had..

How to Deploy an App from GitHub with AWS CodeDeploy

Application development is comprised of different stages. One such critical step is app deployment and code management. In this article, we’re going to share how you can use a deployment system that will enable you to automate the deployment and updating of your application – AWS CodeDeploy. It’s one of the three AWS tools which will help you integrate,..

Cloud Learning Management Systems Support Corporate Training and Development

Corporate training is an investment in the present. It yields immediate results for all involved. Image courtesy of pixabay.com, licensed under CC0 Public Domain. Business success depends on a well-trained workforce. It makes sense that a motivated, engaged staff will ultimately result in improved profitability. I contend that most businesses should implement employee training periodically, and..

Netflix Spinnaker: multi-cloud continuous integration tool

With the release of the open source Netflix Spinnaker delivery platform, the cloud-savvy video on demand company signals that the cloud is bigger than AWS Video on demand provider Netflix has been successfully running much of their operation in the AWS cloud for six years now, and the relationship has been mutually beneficial. If people..