Women in Tech: Zamira Jaupaj, DevOps Engineer

In building an enterprise culture of cloud, DevOps skills complement the enterprise’s need to automate development, testing, deployment, and operations processes for their public cloud deployments. In this latest post in our Women in Tech series, we’ll be talking to Zamira Jaupaj, a DevOps Engineer at Azatec Consulting in Milan about the benefits of DevOps,..

Mesosphere to Incorporate Kubernetes into DC/OS

The announcement that Mesosphere is going to incorporate Kubernetes into DC/OS has generated a fair amount of buzz in the industry, with the consensus landing largely on the side that this is a sign that Mesosphere is ceding to Google’s open source software. I have a different perspective – namely, that this move is a..

How to set up a web application hacking lab

To learn something well requires practice, and ethical hacking is no exception. Unlike say, practicing the trumpet, practicing hacking has potential legal implications. This means that if you want to practice hacking, you need an environment. In this article, I’ll show you how to set up a basic web application hacking lab, and I’ll give..

The Power and Pitfalls of Containers: DevOpsDays Seattle conference 2017

I recently attended the DevOpsDays Seattle conference and wanted to share some of the topics of discussion with the Cloud Academy audience. Unsurprisingly, container talk was everywhere! Most people know Docker as one of the biggest names in this space, and indeed there are multiple Cloud Academy blog posts concerning Docker already. In this crowd,..

Introducing IaC tools within an Amazon Web Services environment

It’s no secret that automation is an ongoing, evolving trend in IT. Cloud computing and virtualization are making it faster to do more with less manual intervention. Infrastructure as a Code (IaC), also known as programmable infrastructure, is a DevOps practice that makes the process of managing your infrastructure easy, reliable, and rapid. In this..

HashiCorp Vault: How to secure secrets inside microservices

Whether you are a developer or a system administrator, you will have to manage the issue of sharing “secrets” or secure information. In this context, a secret is any sensitive information that should be protected. For example, if lost or stolen,  your passwords, database credentials, or cloud provider keys could damage your business. Safe storage and sharing..

Azure App Service in action

In the real world, there are generally two possibilities for hosting your web applications or APIs in the cloud. You can follow the classic model and deploy your apps on a virtual machine, or you can go “serverless” by using a serverless platform as a service (PaaS) on a cloud platform.  Following my last blog post..