New on Cloud Academy, January ’18: Security, Machine Learning, Containers, and more

LEARNING PATHS Introduction to Kubernetes Kubernetes allows you to deploy and manage containers at scale. Created by Google, and now supported by Azure, AWS, and Docker, Kubernetes is the container orchestration platform of choice for many deployments. For teams deploying containerized applications, this learning path will serve as introduction to the Kubernetes ecosystem and a..

8 Hands-on Labs to Master Docker in the Enterprise

Docker containers are known for bringing a level of ease and portability to the process of developing and deploying applications. Where developers have embraced them for development and testing, enterprise DevOps professionals consider container technologies like Docker to be a strategic path toward faster time to production and cloud-native applications.   Now is a great..

Mesosphere to Incorporate Kubernetes into DC/OS

The announcement that Mesosphere is going to incorporate Kubernetes into DC/OS has generated a fair amount of buzz in the industry, with the consensus landing largely on the side that this is a sign that Mesosphere is ceding to Google’s open source software. I have a different perspective – namely, that this move is a..

HashiCorp Vault: How to secure secrets inside microservices

Whether you are a developer or a system administrator, you will have to manage the issue of sharing “secrets” or secure information. In this context, a secret is any sensitive information that should be protected. For example, if lost or stolen,  your passwords, database credentials, or cloud provider keys could damage your business. Safe storage and sharing..

How to deploy Docker containers on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Applications

In this post, we are going to look at how to deploy two Docker containers on AWS Elastic Beanstalk Applications.  Today, Docker containers are being used by many companies in sophisticated microservice infrastructures. From a developer point of view, one of the biggest benefits of Docker is its ability to package our code into reusable images. This assures..

What is Kubernetes? An introductory overview

I recently completed part 1 of my webinar series on Kubernetes. The session introduced Kubernetes at a high level with hands-on demos aiming to answer the question ‘what is Kubernetes? You can watch the session here. After polling our audience, we found that most of the webinar attendees had never used Kubernetes before, or had..

Container technologies: more than just Docker

Container technologies: Docker has gained widespread industry adoption and success since its release in 2014. As more people push to Dockerize everything, it’s important to realize that Docker is only the first wave of successful container technology. Here are just some of the reasons why what we’re seeing is only the beginning of mainstream container technologies adoption. My..