Google Cloud Functions vs. AWS Lambda: Fight for serverless cloud domination begins

A not entirely fair comparison between alpha-release Google Cloud Functions and mature AWS Lambda: My insights into the game-changing future of serverless clouds. Serverless computing lands on Google Cloud: Welcome to Google Cloud Functions Update: The open beta of Google Cloud Functions was launched in March 2017. The comparison table has been updated accordingly. The alpha..

What is Firebase? Serverless for mobile developers

Most mobile developers working on an app are likely to encounter a common problem: how to write backend services. Achieving a solid architecture that allows the service to scale correctly (with minimal downtime) requires solid knowledge in backend technologies. Without it, you’re likely to waste a lot of time and money. Mobile backend as a..

Google Vision vs. Amazon Rekognition: A Vendor-neutral Comparison

Google Cloud Vision and Amazon Rekognition offer a broad spectrum of solutions, some of which are comparable in terms of functional details, quality, performance, and costs. This post is a fact-based comparative analysis on Google Vision vs. Amazon Rekognition and will focus on the technical aspects that differentiate the two services. Quality will be evaluated more..