Inside the Cloud – Episode 3: Security, Migration, and Storage on Azure Cloud

Our third episode of Inside the Cloud is all about Microsoft Azure. In this episode, we’ll be focusing on the host of new services and updates on Azure Security, Migration, and Storage recently announced on Microsoft Azure following its annual Ignite conference, held last month in Orlando.  Microsoft Azure’s hybrid cloud platform continues to be a strong..

Migrating the Smart Way, with Azure

The cloud era is gaining greater speed, and market projections look very healthy for years to come. This growth and the enthusiasm it’s creating for cloud technology is pushing organizations who, until very recently, were resistant to start their own cloud initiatives. This post is about how your organization can migrate the smart way with..

Women in Tech: Microsoft, building your career in IT, and more with LaBrina Loving

For the latest post in our Women in Tech series, we had the chance to talk with LaBrina Loving, a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft. LaBrina holds more than 10 Microsoft Certifications and has 15+ years of experience in cloud architecture, portals and collaboration, enterprise search, custom web and mobile development, business intelligence, customer relationship management, and..

What is Azure Stack? Here’s what you should know

On July 10 at the Microsoft’s Inspire event, Azure Stack became available for order. (Azure Stack brings Azure into your data center). This is significant for everyone watching the Azure Stack project and will, I think, be game-changing for cloud technology as a whole, regardless of the platform you favor. In this post, we’ll cover the basics of Azure Stack..