AWS Certifications Study Guide, part 1: why AWS Certifications?

Preparing for an Amazon Web Services certification exam is one of the main reasons that our members choose AWS certifications are extremely valuable, and our AWS Certifications learning paths are specifically crafted to help students prepare and pass the AWS certification exams. So, given how important this topic is for so many of our..

AWS Certifications Study Guide, part 2: AWS Certification Paths

In the part one of our AWS Certifications Study Guide, we learned about why AWS is so important in the cloud industry, and why its certifications can be a major bonus for any cloud professional. Now it’s time to delve deeper into the structure and organization of the AWS Certification program, in order to better understand..

Getting started with Azure: from newbie to expert

Getting started with Azure: In my last post, I talked about my strategies for becoming familiar with the AWS cloud, from beginner, all the way to certification. In this post, we’ll focus on another of the leading cloud platforms, Microsoft Azure. As a software engineer who has worked with it for many years, I’d like..

What is cloud computing?

If you’re wondering what is cloud computing and how it works, then this series is for you. In our first post, we’ll answer the question: What is cloud computing, and we’ll talk about cloud computing resources, cloud deployment models, and key cloud concepts. Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll cover cloud service models, cloud..