Google Cloud Functions vs. AWS Lambda: Fight for serverless cloud domination begins

A not entirely fair comparison between alpha-release Google Cloud Functions and mature AWS Lambda: My insights into the game-changing future of serverless clouds. Serverless computing lands on Google Cloud: Welcome to Google Cloud Functions Update: The open beta of Google Cloud Functions was launched in March 2017. The comparison table has been updated accordingly. The alpha..

Zappa! or How to go serverless with Django and never look back

Maybe you’ve heard all the buzz about serverless technology? It offers the promise of never again spending time on webserver configuration, meddling with permissions, just the pure joy of developing your web app and leaving all the heavy lifting to your cloud vendor. Pretty cool, eh? However,  you’re not ready to forsake the blissful ergonomy..

How to write GraphQL Apps using AWS Lambda

At present, most backends/APIs are dominated by a REST architecture, which allows us to create and access data in a structured manner. This approach has solved a lot of the issues that we previously faced regarding routes, resources, naming conventions, accessibility, etc. But this is 2017, and data is not requested from a single client or..

AWS Step Functions: a Serverless Orchestrator

One of the most applauded announcements at re:Invent 2016 was AWS Step Functions. Step Functions is basically an orchestration service for AWS Lambda and activity-based tasks. Thanks to SFN, you can control multiple executions of your processes using Lambda Functions and activity workers. What is AWS Step Functions? AWS Step Functions is the last application service..

How to minimize content latency with Lambda@Edge

Among the AWS Lambda announcements at the 2016 re:Invent, Werner Vogels introduced Lambda@Edge (in preview) for running Lambda functions at CloudFront locations. It’s part of the larger movement focused on letting you execute your code wherever you want in your AWS architecture. I signed up for the preview, and today, I’d like to share my personal experiment with..