U.S. Based Financial Institution

A Scalable and Cost-Effective Solution for AWS Training and Certification

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"Continuous Learning” saves $10M+ of the IT training budget.

One of Cloud Academy’s Customers is a largely diversified, US based, Financial Services Institution which offers a range of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses, and commercial clients through branches, the Internet, and other distribution channels.

  • Location

    United States

  • Employees

    Over 5k

  • Business Segments

    Credit Card and Consumer Banking

International banks and financial institutions face enormous competition for growth worldwide. Banking customers expect near real-time performance.

This Financial Institution accepted the challenge of bringing customers the secure, and satisfying experience they demand and chose to move existing and legacy operations to a Public Cloud.

This migration required a reliable Cloud partner. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was selected because of its market leadership and pricing structure.

Acquiring the Skills, and Keeping Pace with an Evolving Technology

Our Customer identified a critical component for the successful migration to a Cloud-based infrastructure: staff proficiency with Cloud technology. They realized that AWS Certification was a must-have to secure the success of the program.

Some employees possessed substantial experience with current systems, however the Company was in the process of hiring hundreds of new IT professionals every month. These professionals needed to reach a level of proficiency with AWS very quickly. Achieving AWS Certification status across this large, growing and geographically distributed workforce via instructor-led training was impractical, in addition to be prohibitively expensive. The IT Department of this large Financial Institution concluded that to meet the above requirements, training needed to be scalable, offer flexibility and individual freedom.

Also, management needed true Business Intelligence to ensure that the training timelines and effectiveness were measured on a constant basis. Who uses the training resources? How often? Is there progress towards the Institution KPIs? Are some teams achieving better results faster than others? Why?

A new breed of Cloud Technology training integrates video courses, hands-on labs, quizzes, and learning paths into a single bundle available 24 x 7.

A key differentiation that these providers offer is Continuous Learning, whereby the training material is updated in near real-time. Unlike other online offerings, they offer a subscription model that enables the trainee to benefit from this continuous learning experience, without leaving the office, or while telecommuting.

The Financial Institution evaluated a number of Cloud training companies. All had different approaches, from on-site code camps to university-affiliated providers. Cloud Academy emerged as the winning solution.

The Cloud Academy Enterprise plan presented value through the management dashboard, intuitive onboarding, and high-quality training material.

"Continuous Learning” saves $10M+ of the IT training budget.

Cloud Academy met the stringent learning requirements, including continuous learning, while allowing this Financial Institution to save more than 10 Million US Dollars of the IT training budget allocated for AWS Certifications.

Cloud Academy has a track record of success across the Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance, and Healthcare Industries. Cloud Academy is “platform-neutral”, and offers Continuous Learning for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform under a simple and cost-effective Enterprise Model.


Migrate successfully to a Cloud-based infrastructure


Measure results and training consumption


Achieve AWS certifications with a scalable and flexible training

Grow cloud skills. Gain business ROI.