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Cloud Academy is a proud AWS Advanced and Marketplace partner that hundreds of companies leverage to simplify and streamline purchasing, training, and more. Every stage of your AWS learning journey is supported by Cloud Academy’s strong AWS partnership.

Buying Cloud Academy?
Thanks to our AWS partnership, purchasing Cloud Academy has never been easier.
Purchasing through AWS marketplace? We do the heavy lifting (like removing painful procurement barriers) to help you get up and running quickly.

Training your team?
AWS partners trust Cloud Academy’s content–from hands-on labs and assessments
to blended learning opportunities with AWS-led events–to help close tech skills
gaps. Cloud Academy helps customers accelerate their migrations, innovation, and
cost-optimization on Amazon Web Services. It’s no wonder why AWS refers hundreds of customers to Cloud Academy every year!

Filling knowledge gaps?
Take advantage of jointly-hosted AWS Game Days, Immersion Days, and hackathons. Cloud Academy learning paths are designed to ramp up knowledge before events and reinforce learning after events, with in-depth reporting to track skills growth.

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Did you know

Our AWS Alliance experts will directly coordinate with your AWS team on your behalf. Simply email your Cloud Academy rep to learn more!

Customers love Cloud Academy + AWS

Looking for a blended learning approach?

Maximize learning efficiency with self-paced, hands-on eLearning from Cloud Academy and instructor-led training with AWS experts.

In a post-pandemic era, many companies are interested in combining scalable elearning with instructor-led training to maximize learning efficiency. Blended learning might be the right
approach if you’re considering large certification initiatives, have a pending project or migration kickoff, or even want to host an AWS gameday.

Thanks to our partnership with AWS, Cloud Academy will fit right into your existing AWS engagements and align your goals right in the Cloud Academy platform. We’ll map out recommended training plans and use labs and assessments to validate skills gaps, so you can use that data to inform when you should be kicking off any big program or initiative.

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