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The future of business innovation

As the demand for scalable, efficient, and cost-effective cloud solutions grows, many companies find themselves grappling with outdated systems, escalating costs, and tech skills gaps. Help your teams learn cloud computing with Cloud Academy.  Close tech skills gaps at scale and finally gain ROI from your investment in the cloud.

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Cloud Academy

Navigating the Complex Cloud Landscape

With an array of cloud services, platforms, and configurations available, businesses often find themselves lost in the maze of options. How do you choose the right cloud solution? How do you ensure seamless integration with existing systems? And most importantly, how do you maximize the return on your cloud investment?

Empower your teams to learn, practice, & master everything multi-cloud. Cloud Academy’s hands-on learning solution is tailored to your company’s unique needs. Whether you’re venturing into hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, or specialized cloud services, our platform offers engaging courses, labs, exams, and more on the following topics:

  1. Diverse cloud services: From AWS, GCP, Azure, to Oracle and Alibaba, we’ve got you covered.
  2. DevOps & security: Tools like Docker, Terraform, and Ansible ensure seamless operations.
  3. Innovative technologies: Dive into Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, and more, with hands-on labs and courses.
  4. Real-world scenarios: Practical training across key areas like Java, Python, C#, and NodeJS.
  5. Business integration: Cloud literacy and implementation strategies.
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Cloud Academy is the smarter way to a smarter team

Are you empowering your teams to close skills gaps and learn, practice, and master everything multi-cloud?
Fortune 500 companies, innovative businesses, leading universities, and more are choosing Cloud Academy to grow cloud skills, retain valuable employees, and generate more business value from the cloud. Customers who choose cloud training with Cloud Academy have seen real benefits, including:

  • 135% increase in employee certifications using certification prep learning paths that include hands-on labs.
  • 50-60% reduction in time-to-market for products by connecting data science to cloud technologies
  • 20-30% estimated savings by training people to move applications to the cloud

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