Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Here are some resources touching on Cloud Computing fundamentals independent of any one product or platform. Build your familiarity with some of the concepts lying at the foundation of just about every Cloud Computing technology and solution.

Cloud Computing Jobs: an Overview

Companies of all sizes are moving in greater numbers to the Cloud while Cloud providers continue to grow their operations to support more and more workloads. Both ends of the Cloud spectrum have big plans to hire talented people. An IDC report released in 2012 estimated a worldwide growth of 14 million Cloud-based jobs by the end of 2015. Navigating the waters of Cloud Computing jobs can be confusing as many roles have be redefined or replaced with new roles. With these Cloud Computing fundamentals, we are going to sample a few of those new roles and evaluate the redefined role of the System Administrator.

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Cloud Computing for System Administrators

The job of a system administrator is changing in the face of Cloud Computing. As systems move to the Cloud, attention shifts from managing physical resources to managing virtual systems. Organizations will look to system administrators for leadership in architecting and rolling out Cloud environments. It can feel like a daunting task with so many Cloud vendors available. Instead of focusing on the vendors and Cloud technology, let's examine what this means for system administrators as they tackle these new initiatives.

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Cloud Computing fundamentals for Developers

Cloud Computing is changing the way developers build applications. Gone are the days of waiting for hardware to be provisioned and the time required to configure it. Developers in the cloud can take advantage of the speed and convenience the cloud offers. However, it does not just happen without gaining the proper knowledge. Let's look at some of the areas that cloud developers need to consider.

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Cloud Computing for the IT Consultant

Whether they are small, medium, or enterprise size, businesses need help moving to the cloud, but they might not have the money in their budgets to spend on full time IT positions. Instead, they look for help to outside consultants. Whether the job requires SaaS or IaaS, an IT consultant should have strong knowledge of the top vendors. And besides the vendor, there are common qualities needed for moving systems to the cloud. Let's examine the role IT consultants can play in driving cloud adoption.

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Cloud Computing fundamentals for CTOs and CIOs

Chief Technology Officers (CTO) and Chief Information Officers (CIO) are at forefront of the cloud revolution. Companies look to their technology leadership for ways to implement their mission in a cost-effective manner. The challenge the CTOs and CIOs face is very real and can make or break their company not to mention their career. Let's examine the many ways the Cloud can be beneficial to the anybody serving as their company's CTO/CIO.

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Cloud Computing for CEOs and Executives

Every day, CEOs and other top executives are targeted with articles spewing the latest technology buzzwords. Lately, no word is buzzed more than “Cloud” - and with good reason. Cloud environments have changed the way many companies do business. Startups can get to market faster with a lower barrier to entry than traditional environments have generally allowed. Existing companies can execute faster and with more financial resources once they make the transition.

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