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Cost Optimization Strategies for the Cloud

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Course Description:

Cloud computing providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are becoming a larger part of our IT budget, making it necessary to understand their cost. We may even be surprised to see public cloud bills to be higher than expected. I am going to take a closer look at the top contributors and what we can do to reduce overall spending while maintaining innovation velocity.

Intended audience:

• This course is for executives, architects, and technical leads looking to understand what drives public cloud cost and to learn about best practices of cloud cost optimization.

Pre-requisites • Viewers should have a basic understanding of cloud concepts. Some familiarity with cloud services like compute and storage will be helpful but is not required.

Learning objectives:

• Understand what makes cloud attractive and how adoption will drive cost

• Learn how to gain visibility into cloud cost and how to hold departments accountable for their spending

• Learn about cloud cost drivers and how to get the most out of your budget

• Discover how to establish best practices and build a culture of cost consciousness

This Course Includes: 90 minutes of high-definition video.

What You'll Learn:

• Course Intro: What to expect from this course

• Cloud Adoption: Included in this lesson is a discussion of what makes the cloud such an attractive solution, what drives cloud adoption, and what are the typical costs.

• Cloud Cost Visibility: Included in this lesson is a discussion of building a cost reporting infrastructure and attributing cost to business units.

• Easy Cost Optimization Actions: Included in this lesson is a discussion of vendor discounts and security and compliance.

• Managing Cost Drivers: Included in this lesson is a discussion of how to identify unused or old assets and utilizing cold storage.

• Best Practices and Cost Culture: Included in this lesson is a discussion of building a cost consciousness culture.

• Cost Optimization Next Steps: Included in this lesson is a discussion of gamifying the cloud cost experience.

• Course Conclusion: Course summary.

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