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Should Your Business Move to the Cloud?

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Course Description:

If you have an understanding of what Cloud Computing is and are now wondering if this technology could benefit you and your business, then this course will help you determine if a cloud migration is right for your organization.

We will look at Cloud Computing from the business perspective and understand what it can bring to your organization. We will cover a number of different topics to try and answer the question, "Should your business move to the Cloud?" By understanding where your business is going, what you trying to achieve, and your objectives, you will be able to establish an effective Cloud business strategy.

By looking at what the Cloud can bring to a business you will be able to define the reasons or reasons not to migrate to the Cloud. We shall cover the benefits that the Cloud can bring with a business mindset rather than a technical approach by looking at examples of how these can enhance your processes, progress and development.

It is also important to understand where constraints of the Cloud exist to allow you to weigh the positives against the negatives. We also look at potential ways of alleviating these constraints to reduce their impact.

Depending on the size of your organization, this course looks at the different use cases each may adopt. Not all businesses are looking for the same solutions, and these could be very different depending on if you are a Small-to-Medium business (SMB), a large Enterprise, or a new Start-Up.

Course Objectives 

  • Knowledge to discuss confidently as to why or why not you should migrate services to the Cloud.
  • Steer stakeholders in the right direction for a Cloud business strategy.
  • Understand some of the different benefits and constraints the Cloud can have on a business

This course has been designed for:

  • Business Managers
  • Business decision makers
  • IT strategy stakeholders


  • Basic understanding of Cloud Computing – If you wish to get an overview of Cloud Computing, please see our existing course ‘What is Cloud Computing
  • Knowledge and understanding of Capex and Opex

This Course Includes:

  • Over 44 minutes of high-definition video
  • Case studies of existing business migrations
  • 6 lectures

What You'll Learn in Lecture:

Lecture: Introduction - This provides an introduction to the trainer and covers the intended audience. We will also look at what lectures are included in the course and what you will gain as a student from attending the course.

Lecture: Is the Cloud right for you? – Here we will look at what your trying to achieve as an organization and understand what the Cloud can bring to the Business

Lecture: Cloud Business Benefits – This lectures looks closely at what benefits the Cloud can give your organization from a business perspective. You will learn how your business can change for the better this Cloud adoption

Lecture: Cloud Constraints – From this lecture you will learn that the Cloud isn’t the answer for everything and this highlights some of the constraints the Cloud can bring

Lecture: Cloud Use Cases – Here your will see how different organization sizes and structures benefits from the Cloud in different ways, each business has a different objective

Lecture: Final Thoughts – Lastly, we will take note of some of the important factors learnt from the previous lectures.

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