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Discover your cloud skills in less than 10 minutes.


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Skill Assessment

Our Cloud Knowledge Evaluation uses our Skill Assessment technology to provide a data-driven approach for your professional development. It’s 100% free and we will never share your information.


Cloud Academy is the leading digital enterprise training platform for cloud technologies. Our assessment technology will give you a crystal clear picture of your current cloud skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Academy?

Cloud Academy is the leading enterprise digital skills development platform accelerating innovation through guided Learning Paths, Hands-on Labs, and Skill Assessments. Companies trust Cloud Academy to deliver role-specific training on the leading cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform), essential methodologies to operate on and between clouds (DevOps, security), and capabilities that are unlocked by the cloud (big data, machine learning, IoT).

Why do I need to use my company email?

This free assessment was created for IT professionals working for enterprise companies.

Who should do this assessment?

If you work in the IT industry, whether you are a developer, an architect, or a data scientist, you know that staying up to date is always a challenge. This assessment will help you figure out your current cloud skills and it's completely free.

How is my score calculated?

The platform estimates your knowledge level based on the difficulty of the questions and the number of correct answers. Each question tests a specific skill, and the difficulty changes automatically based on your answer. The platform also estimates your knowledge of correlated skills. For instance, if you are tested on Amazon S3, Cloud Academy also infers your knowledge on storage. We then store this estimate, and when you are tested on other services in the storage area (e.g., Amazon Glacier), we’re able to tune your predicted estimated score on storage over time. At the end of the assessment, you will see your score update for each category and an updated leaderboard.

Can I retry the assessment a second time?


What is the "Overall cloud readiness" assessment?

This assessment was designed for people who are familiar with cloud technologies, but not with a specific vendor. This assessment asks general questions about the benefits of the cloud.

Are there other assessments I can take?

Yes, Cloud Academy has hundreds of quizzes and exams on our platform, and we offer a free trial: https://cloudacademy.com/personal-trial/

How can I improve my skills?

Enroll in a comprehensive learning path that includes in-depth lectures, practice exams, and hands-on labs to test your problem-solving skills in a real cloud environment. Cloud Academy offers a free trial to help improve your skills: https://cloudacademy.com/personal-trial/

Can my employer pay for my subscription?

Our goal is to help organizations upskill their workforce. Please contact sales or subscribe to an enterprise plan.