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What Does a Digital Skills Officer Do?

A Digital Skills Officer is responsible for helping develop an enterprise strategy to transition, train, and retain technical employees. Working closely with the office of the CIO or CTO, the Digital Skills Officer works to align ongoing training efforts with technical and business roadmaps. Digital Skills Officers are responsible for coordinating the overall design, management, and outcome-based measurement of training programs.

Key Traits of a Digital Skills Officer


A strong Digital Skills Officer is able to identify key outcome-based goals with senior leadership and programmatic ways to achieve them.


Digital Skills Officers must liaise with department heads and subject matter experts to align technical training efforts with specific technologies and implementations.


The ideal Digital Skills Officer does not settle for status quo and is resourceful in delivering long-term, impactful training solutions for the organization.

Business and Tech Savvy

Since the role serves to align technical training programs to business roadmap, a background in both business and technology is ideal.

Day-to-Day Expectations and Responsibilities

Develop organization-wide learning strategies based on current-and future-state technology needs

Work collaboratively with all departments and respective subject matter experts to deliver specific, contextualized training programs by job role.

Define and track key metrics that communicate both effort and outcome of training programs for senior leadership.

Establish digital skills assessment frameworks that accurately measure skills and capabilities as they relate to business impact

Employ creative tactics to attract new talent and establish a culture of continuous improvement.

Digital Skills Officer Target Skill Set

Technical Skill Set:
  • Working knowledge of cloud platforms, storage, compute, and networking
  • Familiarity with leading learning development platforms and their pros / cons
  • Strong project and program management skills
Non-Technical Skill Set:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to influence others across and at all levels of the organization
  • Highly organized and thorough
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Starter Training Plan for Digital Skills Officers

The following Cloud Academy starter Training Plans prepare professionals to become Digital Skills Officers

We are fully committed to the training of our employees and we’re developing scalable, best-in-class programs to ensure that our organization is ready for the future. We are achieving this by establishing the right mix in our digital skills portfolio and continuously measuring learning progress across teams. This isn’t a one-time effort. We are redefining training into enablement that is ongoing, specific, and actionable across the business.

- Stacey Young Rivers

Director of Skills Analysis & Development at Turner

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