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Trending Technology Skills for Network Architects

Last Updated June 18, 2019

# Skill Demand Rank Change
1 Cisco
2 VMware
3 Linux
4 Juniper
5 Python
7 Azure
8 C
10 Go
11 Ansible
12 Perl
13 Riverbed Technology
14 R
15 PowerShell
16 Splunk
17 Java
18 Bash
19 Oracle
20 C++

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What Does a Network Architect Do?

A Network Architect is responsible for designing and implementing enterprise class networking architectures that support the availability of an application. They also manage troubleshooting and resolution of network-related issues throughout the organization, while making sure to document and monitor any network failures. Finally, they provide recommendations for network upgrades in accordance to future application usage.

Key Traits of a Network Architect


Network Architects must be collaborative problem solvers who can work cross-functionally to design the networks for an organization.


With traditional networking becoming more software-defined (SDN), Network Architects must be willing to learn new best practices and improve existing infrastructure.


Documentation is critical for any technology implementation. Network Architects must be master communicators as they are called upon to write and share information about the plans they create.

Day-to-Day Expectations and Responsibilities

Implement, administer, document, and troubleshoot network infrastructure devices, including W/LAN, Proxy Servers, firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers, wireless access points, and controllers

Conduct robust service management for mission critical applications, manage incident response, and work / coordinate with various technical and internal stakeholders

Execute network administrative tasks such as collecting statistics, monitoring performance, and deploying updates

Create redundant networks for high availability in case of primary network failures

Network Architect Target Skill Set

Technical Skill Set:
  • Cloud networking software
  • Ticketing tools
  • Networking Fundamentals on IPv4, IPv6, Subnetting, DNS, VPN, BGP, and MPLS
  • Network operations / data center operations in 24/7 environment
Non-Technical Skill Set:
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical mindset
  • Outcome-oriented critical thinking and problem solving
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Training Plan for Network Architects

The following Cloud Academy starter Training Plans prepare professionals to become Network Architects

  • Amazon Web Services

    Network Architect
    Training Plan

    17 weeks

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

    Network Architect
    Training Plan

    10 weeks

  • Google Cloud Platform

    Network Architect
    Training Plan

    3 weeks

Google Cloud Platform

Network Architect

3 weeks

Training Plans ensure accountability across your teams when it comes to Google Cloud Platform training.

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Industry Certification(s) for Network Architects

The following industry certifications are popular among Network Architects:

  • Amazon Web Services

AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

The AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty examination validates advanced technical skills and experience in designing and implementing AWS and hybrid IT network architectures at scale. This examination is for individuals who perform complex networking tasks, and it validates an individual’s ability to:

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate examination is intended for individuals who perform a solutions architect role. (Source: AWS)

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