Vish Chidambaram

Enterprise Security Leader

Vish Chidambaram
  • Automation
  • Security Operation Analytics and Reporting
  • Threat Management Life cycle
  • Agile/DevOps environments
  • SaaS/Cloud security
  • Business Development
  • Consulting
  • Program Management


Vish Chidambaram is an Award-winning Enterprise Security Leader with 18+ years of experience skilled in areas spanning Automation, Security Operation Analytics and Reporting, Threat Management Life cycle, Agile/DevOps environments, SaaS/Cloud security, Business Development/Consulting, Program Management and more. Most Recently Vish was the CISO at Rubicon Project, which is a SaaS based ad marketplace where he was responsible for securing a high performance SaaS platform with 40billion transactiions per day. He pioneered the integration of security in DevOps, by using automation, orchestration and machine learning tools He is passionate about teaching security and believes staying current is particularly relevant in the security industry. He also mentors security professionals and advises them thru career transitions. and details can be found at or writing to His linked in page is