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70-532 Exam Prep - Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions


Course Intro
Exam overview
Virtual Machines
Azure Storage
Identity and Networking
PaaS + Web and Mobile
Course Intro

This course provides an overview of the 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions exam and the major topics covered within. Use it as a guide to identify gaps in your knowledge and areas to focus as you prep to sit the exam. The course also provides some tips and tricks to maximize your chances of a passing score.

Major topics include:

- An overview of the 70-532 exam and related Microsoft certification paths

- A review of Azure virtual machines and related topics like VM storage and networking

- A review of major Azure data storage options like queues, blobs, tables, SQL Database, Cosmos DB, and others

- A review of Azure Active Directory topic areas and hybrid networking as covered in the exam

- A review of platform-as-a-service options in Azure and their coverage in the exam




Welcome to Cloud Academy's course, Exam Prep for Microsoft Certification Exam 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions.

This course is an intermediate level certification exam prep course that assumes some prior knowledge for the student. This course provides an overview of the major topics covered in the 70-532 Microsoft Azure Certification Exam. The course is not intended as a deep dive into these topics but rather summarizes the set of knowledge you should have prior to sitting the exam. The course is suitable for software architects, developers, and IT pros already familiar with cloud computing concepts and Azure service offerings. This course will help you determine areas where you may need to focus additional study time.

Upon completion of the course, you should be comfortable with the following topics, understand the 70-532 exam objectives and the target audience of the exam, know where the exam fits in the landscape of Microsoft Azure certifications, touch on each major exam objective as outlined by the Microsoft Certification site, have a reference list of additional in-depth material for each major exam topic, and finally, gain tips and tricks for taking the exam and general exam preparation.

A brief note about your instructor, I'm Josh Lane, a cloud Academy researcher and instructor. I've been a software developer focused on cloud and data technologies for several years and I've worked around the world for clients and industries such as energy, finance, and others. I was awarded Microsoft's Azure MVP designation for both my development work and my activities promoting cloud and Azure technologies in the technology community at large. Thanks for attending the course!

Before we start, let's review the course agenda. First, we'll do a brief overview of the 70-532 exam format and associated certification paths. We'll then do a broad review of each major exam topic, Azure virtual machine configuration, workloads, and associated networking and storage infrastructure, a broader review of storage options in the Azure ecosystem and how they impact developers, a look at identity integration options like Azure Active Directory as well as hybrid connectivity scenarios that impact application architectures, a discussion of Platform as a Service offerings like Azure App Service, Service Fabric, and Azure Functions. And then finally, we'll finish with a few tips and tricks to help you prepare for the exam.

About the Author
Josh Lane
Azure Researcher and Trainer

Josh Lane is a Microsoft Azure MVP and Azure Trainer and Researcher at Cloud Academy. He’s spent almost twenty years architecting and building enterprise software for companies around the world, in industries as diverse as financial services, insurance, energy, education, and telecom. He loves the challenges that come with designing, building, and running software at scale. Away from the keyboard you'll find him crashing his mountain bike, drumming quasi-rythmically, spending time outdoors with his wife and daughters, or drinking good beer with good friends.