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Course Intro
Exam overview
Virtual Machines
Azure Storage
Identity and Networking
PaaS + Web and Mobile


This course provides an overview of the 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions exam and the major topics covered within. Use it as a guide to identify gaps in your knowledge and areas to focus as you prep to sit the exam. The course also provides some tips and tricks to maximize your chances of a passing score.

Major topics include:

- An overview of the 70-532 exam and related Microsoft certification paths

- A review of Azure virtual machines and related topics like VM storage and networking

- A review of major Azure data storage options like queues, blobs, tables, SQL Database, Cosmos DB, and others

- A review of Azure Active Directory topic areas and hybrid networking as covered in the exam

- A review of platform-as-a-service options in Azure and their coverage in the exam




Let's take a look at this 70-532 exam format and associated certification paths.

The 70-532 exam fits under the scope of Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate and Certified Solutions Expert certification paths. The exam covers a variety of developer-focused topics in four broad categories, virtual machines, storage options, identity and networks, and Platform as a Service applications. The exam is typically sat and proctored at a local certified examination center. Though in some cases, you may be able to take a proctored exam at home.

The exam typically last a few hours and consists of 40 to 60 total questions of various formats, multiple choice, drag and drop, these are typical for questions on application configuration scenarios, for example. There are also case studies and additional exam question types. The case study questions are notorious for their relative difficulty, but in general, they're no more difficult than the other types of questions. The main difference with case studies is the need to read and absorb details from a real-world business scenario prior to answering questions related to that scenario.

Here's a quick look at the various Microsoft Certification paths in existence at the time of this recording. Note again, that the 70-532 exam can count toward both the Certified Solution Associate and Certified Solution Expert tracks.

I'll have some specific tips and tricks at the end of this course, but for now, my best advice to you in preparing for the exam is to first build things in Azure. A common criticism of prior Microsoft Certification exams was that it was relatively easy to pass the exams without practical real-world experience in the topics covered. This is certainly not the case for the Azure Certification exams. You'll need to spend time in the Azure portal in the Powershell command-line interface and in building apps that integrate with Azure services like Azure Active Directory, Sequel Database, Service Bus, and others.

Make a list of skills you currently have and cross-reference them against the topics covered in this course. Look for obvious gaps and plan to spend time familiarizing yourself with those areas. Find others who have already taken the exam and ask them about their experience. Which topics were covered more extensively than others? Which seems less important? Your experience May well differ but it's good to know about recent exam experiences. There are plenty of resources online for practice exams. After you've spent time building software in Azure, consider taking a practice exam to gauge your progress. These exams are not foolproof copies of the real exam but they'll give you some sense of what to expect.

And finally, if you haven't already, check out Cloud Academy's 70-532 Learning Path for deeper coverage of all of the topics covered in the exam.





About the Author

Josh Lane is a Microsoft Azure MVP and Azure Trainer and Researcher at Cloud Academy. He’s spent almost twenty years architecting and building enterprise software for companies around the world, in industries as diverse as financial services, insurance, energy, education, and telecom. He loves the challenges that come with designing, building, and running software at scale. Away from the keyboard you'll find him crashing his mountain bike, drumming quasi-rythmically, spending time outdoors with his wife and daughters, or drinking good beer with good friends.