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This course provides an overview of the 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions exam and the major topics covered within. Use it as a guide to identify gaps in your knowledge and areas to focus as you prep to sit the exam. The course also provides some tips and tricks to maximize your chances of a passing score.

Major topics include:

- An overview of the 70-532 exam and related Microsoft certification paths

- A review of Azure virtual machines and related topics like VM storage and networking

- A review of major Azure data storage options like queues, blobs, tables, SQL Database, Cosmos DB, and others

- A review of Azure Active Directory topic areas and hybrid networking as covered in the exam

- A review of platform-as-a-service options in Azure and their coverage in the exam




Let's consider a few tips and tricks for taking the exam and then wrap up with a brief summary of what we've covered.

So a few final tips to help you prepare. First, make sure you visit the URL on screen and learn about the different question types on the exam. There's a short video there that will give you good insight into the question formats and how best to approach them at exam time.

Second point, very important, answer every question. There are no points deducted for wrong answers, so you might as well make a guess, even if you don't know the answer. Make sure you watch the clock and plan time to answer all the questions, even if you're guessing.

Note that you can also mark questions as you go if you want to return to specific ones before you finish the exam. The only exception to this are the case study questions, which you cannot return to once you've visited them and then moved on.

Consider taking a practice exam as part of your exam preparation. There are a number of online providers who specialize in practice exams for 70-532 and other Microsoft certifications. Practice exams usually aren't free, but the additional cost can be worth the piece of mind as you prepare.

Don't forget to focus on not only the Portal experience with Azure but also PowerShell and API access too. The exam places significant emphasis on PowerShell and API creation and management of Azure resources, so expect to spend time familiarizing yourself with those options.

Finally, and most important, build things in Azure. It's very unlikely that you'll successfully pass the exam if you haven't spent at least some time configuring services, building and deploying Azure applications and data, and generally becoming comfortable with how Azure works by using it.

Okay, so we've reached the end of our 70-532 exam prep course. Let's review what we've covered.

We began with a brief overview of the 70-532 exam format itself and a discussion of the Microsoft certification paths within which it fits.

We then moved on to Azure Virtual Machines and discussed the key topics you need to know like creation of VMs and networking and storage configuration for Azure Virtual Machines.

We next reviewed the major data storage options in Azure, including the core storage pillars like blobs, tables, and queues, and also managed options like SQL Database, DocumentDB, and Redis Cache.

After this, we talked about Azure Active Directory, the Azure Service Bus product family, and hybrid integration services like VPN Gateway and ExpressRoute.

We moved on to an overview of the Azure App Service, including Web, Mobile, API, and Logic Apps, as well as related technologies like Serverless Azure functions, Azure Service Fabric clusters, and the API Management service.

And finally, we wrapped up with a few final tips and tricks.

So I'd like to wish you the best of luck as you prep for and then sit the 70-532 exam. If you have additional questions or feedback for us on the exam or exam topics, please reach out in our community forums or on Twitter @CloudRank or if you'd like to reach me personally @jplane

Thanks again for watching.


About the Author

Josh Lane is a Microsoft Azure MVP and Azure Trainer and Researcher at Cloud Academy. He’s spent almost twenty years architecting and building enterprise software for companies around the world, in industries as diverse as financial services, insurance, energy, education, and telecom. He loves the challenges that come with designing, building, and running software at scale. Away from the keyboard you'll find him crashing his mountain bike, drumming quasi-rythmically, spending time outdoors with his wife and daughters, or drinking good beer with good friends.