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Amazon Lex - In-depth Review and Detail

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Applying Machine Learning and AI Services on AWS
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We dive into the internals of Amazon Lex service, describing in detail the individual parts that make up the service. We'll introduce you to the key features and core components of the Amazon Lex service. We'll go over Chatbots in general and why they have become both useful and popular. You will be introduced to the key features and core components within the Amazon Lex service. We spend time understanding and reviewing Amazon Lex Bots, Intents, Utterances, Slots, and Slot Types. We focus on the developer workflow and how Amazon Lex integrates seamlessly with other AWS services. We take a look at, and review the capabilities of the Amazon Lex API and associated SDKs. Finally we'll review Versioning and Aliases and how they facilitate development within the Amazon Lex service.


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Jeremy is a Cloud Researcher and Trainer at Cloud Academy where he specializes in developing technical training documentation for security, AI, and machine learning for both AWS and GCP cloud platforms.

He has a strong background in development and coding, and has been hacking with various languages, frameworks, and systems for the past 20+ years.

In recent times, Jeremy has been focused on Cloud, Security, AI, Machine Learning, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, and CICD.

Jeremy holds professional certifications for both AWS and GCP platforms.